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Who are Happy Feat?

Happy Feat Inc was established by Leigh Caldwell, a very ordinary, everyday, down-to-earth person who shows that with determination and absolute passion, anything can be achieved. 


Leigh gives an insight into the Happy Feat Inc Journey…....


I’m often asked what motivated me to start a group like Happy Feat:


* Am I a dance teacher? Definitely not...I can’t even dance!

* Do I have a child with a disability? No, I don’t.

* Am I trained to work with people with special needs? No, I’m not.


But I do have a passion for being with these incredible individuals and giving them the opportunity to shine and show others how amazing they are. By truly believing in their abilities is helping their self-confidence and willingness to take on new challenges and the motto “Believe and you can achieve” has undoubtedly been demonstrated over the years. We’ve seen the most amazing transformations and there are ‘magic moments’ wherever you look!


Here are just some of our Happy Feater's journeys:-


**A member, whose friends had told him he wouldn’t last two weeks at Happy Feat, is now, nine years later, proving them wrong as he dances his heart out each week. He began Happy Feat using a walking stick, but now refuses to use it as it cramps his style.


**A member who had been in an accident and had restricted movement in one side of his body, can now straighten his arm and move more freely.


 **Another Happy Feater had never participated in anything else before joining Happy Feat and now has heaps of fun with his very own friends for the first time in his life.


**A Happy Feater who had been bullied all her life is now leading our Happy Featers and showing the world how truly amazing she is. What disability?


**One Happy Feater had been extremely introverted and wouldn’t speak or make eye contact with others, is now dancing with others, hugging and speaking to our Happy Feat team, and is comfortable performing in front of thousands of people!

Another Happy Feater joined and his mum and friends said they hadn't seen him smile or socialise like that for 17 years!!!!

We call it  “The Magic of Happy Feat!!!

Happy Feat wouldn't be possible without a team of dedicated, passionate, and caring volunteers. We've all learned that with just a little effort, you can make a difference in other people's lives.

Happy Feat, a not-for-profit community organisation, has so many highlights every session:-

- Seeing the huge smiles on the Happy Feater’s faces,

- Their sheer love of dancing and music, 

- The Happy Featers being totally comfortable and accepted in a loving and supportive environment,

- Seeing the joy and happiness on the parents' and volunteer’s faces,

- Watching the Happy Featers caring and looking after the other dancers,

- Constant warm fuzzies for everyone involved,

- Incredible transformations in so many ways!


Thats “The Magic of Happy Feat!”


Delta Goodrem's Instargram

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